on freedom from addictions … (07/30/09)

In freeing ourselves from any addiction, the first step is admitting that we have one.  The even bigger step is for that person to then recognize that the addiction is not something to fight, but something to employ.  And while only experiencing this first-hand will enable you to truly understand it, remember while you do […]

on consciousness & Oneness … (07/29/09)

“We are made up of consciousness, so we are one. Not that we are THE One, but we exist completely within The One.” ~ Shoshanna Feist I don’t really write or speak too much with folks about the “Big Mystery Themes” (e.g. God, Heaven and consciousness) if for no other reason than 1) I don’t […]

Choose wisely … (07/28/09)

We have been given the power to co-create or to destroy. We have been given the power to Be (conscious) or to merely “do” (drone). We have been given the power to enhance Harmony or to inflict discord. We have been given the power to be Joy-full or to choose anger & sadness. There is […]

Pilgrims’ Prayer … (07/28/09)

I hereby reaffirm my status as a holy pilgrim; a pilgrim just as Jesus of Nazareth was a pilgrim – a pilgrim of Love & Peace … We searched our minds for solace and searched the external world for harmony, and both searches have ended in vain … And yet now we search no longer for […]

Apology … (07/20/09)

Apology Sandra Reum – 1997 (translated by Scott A. Hilbers) Ich Liebe die Sonne … … und doch schmerzt ihr Licht in meinen Augen, wenn sie mich blendet. I Love the Sun … … and still I avert my gaze when its Light blinds my eyes. Ich Liebe den Regen … … und doch spanne […]

As Long as There is Love … (07/19/09)

As Long As There Is Love Sandra Reum – 1997 (translated by Scott A. Hilbers) Love is a House, a House that is always open to You … a House that waits for You … No matter what happens, You are always Welcome there. A House, a House that hears your footsteps and recognizes You […]

How can I maximize my time? … (07/17/09)

Many folks spend lots of energy contemplating the nature of their “Life Mission” and quite a few others spend lots of time trying to “get the most out of life” — trying to “maximize their time”. Fair enough … and yet maybe instead of pondering what we could be doing differently, maybe we should focus […]

Farewell Chicago! … (07/11/09)

Well, I departed from the amazing city of Chicago several days ago (July 8th), and have had time since then to reflect on the wonderful blessings that were bestowed upon me while residing there. First of all, I am grateful to Richard, who invited me to the Windy City to care for his very-cool cat […]

What is “enough”? … (07/10/09)

Many remarkable people these days are encouraging us to “be better” without offering any practical solutions. And yet, do we really need to them to do this for us?  Isn’t it enough to simply go forth each day and smile at strangers?  Isn’t it enough to start recycling our waste?  Isn’t it enough to conserve […]

What is Grace? … (07/09/09)

“Grace” is the dynamic of Reality whereby sentient beings never reap the full consequences of their errant, selfish decisions — and allWays reap threefold Blessings from their harmonious, selfless ones.