How can I help bring social change? … (08/29/09)

A few thoughts on social change … Consider the following:

1)  Resistance ensures persistence — always & allWays.  Anything that is railed against or attacked (verbally, emotionally or physically) inevitably attempts to defend itself and thereby becomes stronger.  Thus, all those who actively fight for freedom actually end up furthering the cause of their oppressors.  And ironically, even when “strong enough” to actually overthrow or alter a source of injustice, such efforts prove futile — as a) that source will inevitably find other, more subtle avenues for attaining its unjust ends, and b) the “freedom fighter”, by the very nature of his fighting, denies him/herself the opportunity to actualize his/her greatest freedom of all:  the freedom to transcend self-centered “fight or flight” instincts in favor of the Human (see “humane”) choice of forgiving/loving his/her enemies — a choice that brings far more Peace than any aggressive “victory” …

2)  Information is only Good when used to further Good.  This a Truth that is missed by the majority of folks trying to “become informed” about the injustices our society is insidiously perpetrating upon us (which it most certainly is).  Consider the following:  Knowing about injustice and agreeing with it (e.g. the efforts of the religious right) is definitely supportive of “darkness”.  At the same time, knowing about injustice and not caring about it (e.g. the apathetic masses) provides that “darkness” with equal support.  And yet, what is not so readily grasped is the fact that knowing about injustice and professing an angry hopelessness to do anything about it is an even more potent assistance to that “shadow” (e.g. the tone of your email and many like them I have received).  And then there are the folks who actively “fight against the system” — and yet their aggression is actually the most powerful source of assistance for the very “dark forces” against which they fight; giving those forces the reason to fight back and entrench their unjust policies even further.  History supports this Truth without exception.

And so, what are we to do — we who wish to effectuate a positive shift in the diabolical systems of religion and government that strive to suppress the happiness of so many?  Our only option is “fight back” using  a behavior that is energetically opposed to the fear that founds that “darkness” — and that frequency is unconditional Love.

This does not mean that we are to weakly cave-in to injustice, and yet it does mean that we are to courageously stand between unjust acts and their intended victims with compassion for those who are behaving unjustly.  If we attack them with anger &/or condemnation, we further their cause, and yet when we oppose their actions with well-informed kindness and forgiveness, the sheer irrationality of our Love will overwhelm them and eventually inspire them to choose differently.  While this choice has been rarely made, it has always worked when it has been persistently chosen.

As comforting as it might be to believe, there are no “evil people” in the world — only weaker individuals who have forgotten how it feels to live courageously from a place of Love.  This includes those perpetrating injustice as well as those aggressively fighting against them.  Even though we are a young species, we are old enough now to finally awaken to the only long-lasting solution to fear-based injustice — Love.

In essence, it is time to gently ignore the decrepit political system that can no longer serve us with fairness, and create our own New World Order in our own intimate communities.  Choose to forgive those who are perpetrating pain and suffering while standing opposed to their unjust actions.  Live a life of positivity & celebration & kindness in your community while striving to overcome the challenges they bring.  Turn off the nightly news and go forth every day to be kind to those around you.  Shop at local farmer’s markets and find some way to care for another person every day.  Share what you have to share, whether it is asked for or not.  Pick up all the trash you see and spend time beautifying your neighborhoods.  Smile at every stranger.  Write your local congressperson and forgive them their failure to protect and serve you and yours;  letting them know that you no longer need their assistance.  Then go forth and act accordingly.

This is the only way to “pull the rug out from under” those “dark forces” — feeding them with neither our agreement nor our aggression.  Indeed, this is the only way to ensure our survival as a species.

I am doing my part, and yet I cannot do it alone.
Won’t you set aside your disgust & anger and help me?

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