On becoming Reason-able … (08/31/17)

Showing real Courage … (08/31/17)

“I wanted you to see what real courage is, instead of getting the idea that courage is a man with a gun in his hand or power at his disposal.   Those things don’t show real courage.  Real courage is when a person knows they’re licked before they begin, but they begin anyway and see it […]

Peace to the Peace-full … (08/30/17)

Instead of hatred … (08/30/17)

Expanding the Family … (08/29/17)

To know a greater Peace … (08/29/17)

A very GOOD riddance … (08/28/17)

To light The Way … (08/28/17)

“We can easily forgive the children who are afraid of the dark.  The real tragedy of life is that so many men & women are afraid to live in the Light.” ~ via Plato

The Karma is in the killing … (08/27/17)

No need to Know … (08/27/17)

“After the fire, when I’d tried to express my gratitude to our customers for their kindness, they’d been awkward – shy — uncomfortable. Later that night my father had explained to me that giving thanks is not a common practice in India.  I had asked him that if this were truly the case, how could […]

One of THOSE vegans … (08/26/17)