Knowing God’s Will – Cover

KNOWING GOD’S WILL … Hearing the Guidance of your “Advocate Within” A look both scholarly & practical into what the Bible has to say about rediscovering & re-enlivening God’s Will for your life. via Scaughdt … an (i)am publication (3rd edition) “The will of God is not something you add to your life.  It’s a […]

Introduction – Part 1

“For each one of us, there is only one thing necessary: to fulfill our own destiny according to God’s will, to become what God wants us to be.” ~ Thomas Merton “There are no ‘if’s’ in God’s world, and no places that are safer than others.  For the center of His will is our only […]

Introduction – Part 2

Needless to say, this is all somewhat more than a bit confusing to more than few folks (many of them Christians) … And so, seeing as how the church seems to be contradicting some of the more important sayings of Jesus Christ, I decided to back in 2004 to begin extensively studying the Bible myself.  […]

An important Notice … (08/28/16)

“The pervasive delusion that only human life is of any real value shall be our demise. As we glide smoothly towards our own obliteraton, ignorance is a luxury none of us can afford — and yet it still remains a luxury in which we daily bathe … Contrary to popular preachings from pulpit & podium, […]

Turning the world around … (08/28/16)

“Be not daunted by the enormity of the world’s grief & sorrow. Today is the only day you have been fully given, so stand for Justice for the persecuted NOW — show great Mercy for the lost & the mean-spirited NOW — walk in humble Love for the downtrodden NOW … My dear Friends, none […]

Introduction – Part 3

Appropriately, this treatise is founded on my many years of radically practicing “The Way of Christ” – a method of living clearly described by Jesus in the Gospels of the Bible.  So often, we read or hear a Truth and make excuses for it.  We read that we should “Love our enemies”, and yet assume […]

The Goat in the Machine … (08/27/16)

“Almost 30 years ago I was 15 years old in Eastern Europe visiting relatives. Like the goat in this picture, I watched my cousins slaughter a goat for my cousin’s birthday party meal that night. Even the walls of the house in the picture were the same, it’s uncanny. I forced myself to watch because […]

Step ONE: Choosing to Hear God’s Will …

Considering the quagmire of conflicting opinions in the Christian community with regards to what The Way actually entails, and what Jesus really meant (“Jesus told the crowds all these things in parables; without a parable he told them nothing.” ~ Matthew 13:34 & “The hour is coming when I will no longer speak to you […]

Step TWO: Listening to the Inner Advocate

First of all, it is quite clear, from reading the Bible over and over again — as well as from radically putting its Truths into practice for a number of years, that the Advocate of John 14 is real; an actual “Moral Compass” that resides within each and every human being.  Whether we call it […]

Step THREE: Testing the Choices

So, it is clear that we do always essentially KNOW what our “Life-Purpose” is.  Even if only on an intuitive level, we are each being told which general course of action we are to take to satisfy God’s Will – namely, selflessly Caring for others.  And yet how are we to determine what this internal […]

God’s Will & the 9 Fruits of the Spirit

Our moral Advocate Within (a.k.a. the conscience – or the Soul – or the True Self) always encourages us to act in ways that are in alignment with the internal guidance constantly provided by the Holy Spirit.  Any choice that we make in our lives resonates either harmoniously or discordantly with this underlying ethical awareness […]