on Loving the Enemy … (07/31/16)

What with all the conflict & strife & anger & sadness the world is seeing these days, I think what we ALL need now more than a ever is a heavy dose of “Love your Neighbor” — remembering, of course, that Jesus defined “neighbor” only one place in the entire Bible, and that he did […]

A mean kind of Kindness … (07/31/16)

“I hear so many complaints about vegans being negative & abusive & judgmental and yet I can’t think of one thing more negative & offensive & judgmental than animal cruelty. Billions of gentle, innocent, sentient beings are being treated in the most unjust, the most hideous, and the most atrocious ways every second of every […]

8th Fruit — Synopsis …

SYNOPSIS:  Truly Joy-full actions are completely oriented in the Here & Now … They are detached from expectation, even while grounded in the Moment.   DETERMINING FACTOR:  During decision-making, ask your Self — “Is this particular option founded in a future-based hope or inspired by a memory-based fear, or is it truly grounded in this […]

9th Fruit: God’s Will is Faith-full

God’s Will is always Faith-full (reflected in column #9 in the example-charts on pages 70-72).  Both societal and man-made judgments of morality are always in some significant way fear-based — and therefore always significantly inaccurate.  Spiritual men and women, on the other hand, measure their actions using the divine standard of a morality instead –a […]

9th Fruit — Clarifications …

First of all, real “Faith-fullness” is not to be confused with intellectual narrow-mindedness or religious zealotry.  Faith does not require our assimilation into any particular religious group or ideology (“Beware the yeast of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.” ~ Jesus in Matthew 16:6).  It also doesn’t require any adherence to any particular creed.  In fact, […]

9th Fruit — Synopsis …

SYNOPSIS:  Truly Faith-full actions always encourage selflessness … They are interconnected, intuitive, and virtuous (a.k.a. “moral”).   DETERMINING FACTOR:  During decision-making, ask your Self — “Is this particular option a selfish one or a selfless (i.e. virtuous) One?  Is it inflexibly ‘certain’, or is it flowing & open-minded?”   ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURE:   “According to your […]

To make a better place … (07/27/16)

The news headlines are really getting to be be a bummer these days — downright depressing, actually … Drone strikes in the Middle East inspiring terrorist strikes closer to home, corrupt politicians buying elections in a now-defunct democracies, thousands of innocent animals needlessly tortured & murdered every day by otherwise Good People who callously look […]

The 9 Fruits in the Bible

More Biblical evidence of the Spirit’s 9 Fruits   There are four other instances in the New Testament where Paul points out that we are to actively fulfill these same nine characteristics of God’s Will.  To aid your Christian journey, I have cited them here and referenced Paul’s Galatians 5:22-23 terminology where applicable …   […]

Dear Black Man … (07/26/16)

Not only do I openly & unabashedly recognize my own White privilege (which is oddly FAR less pronounced over here in Germany than it is back in the “land of the free”), but I take this moment to also loudly & proudly tell all my non-White brothers & sisters around the world (and especially in […]

To be truly Forgiven … (07/26/16)

I myself was a flesh-munching, udder-sucking non-vegan for over 45 years of my life, so I get how easy it is to be deluded by the milk&meat industry; how easy it is to go grocery shopping or sit down at a restaurant and casually look away from the enormous suffering I caused so many thousands […]

Practicing the Preaching — Everyday Decisions …

It is one thing to comprehend these characteristics, and another thing to apply them into your everyday life.  Thus, the following recommendations have been provided to make it easier for you to do so …   Example A:  Everyday Decisions … The nine characteristics of Right Action can be utilized during our everyday decision-making.  To […]