on Loving the Enemy … (07/31/16)

What with all the conflict & strife & anger & sadness the world is seeing these days, I think what we ALL need now more than a ever is a heavy dose of “Love your Neighbor” — remembering, of course, that Jesus defined “neighbor” only one place in the entire Bible, and that he did […]

A mean kind of Kindness … (07/31/16)

“I hear so many complaints about vegans being negative & abusive & judgmental and yet I can’t think of one thing more negative & offensive & judgmental than animal cruelty. Billions of gentle, innocent, sentient beings are being treated in the most unjust, the most hideous, and the most atrocious ways every second of every […]

Leaping into Living … (07/31/16)

8th Fruit — Synopsis …

SYNOPSIS:  Truly Joy-full actions are completely oriented in the Here & Now … They are detached from expectation, even while grounded in the Moment.   DETERMINING FACTOR:  During decision-making, ask your Self — “Is this particular option founded in a future-based hope or inspired by a memory-based fear, or is it truly grounded in this […]

The most loyal of Heavens … (07/30/16)

9th Fruit: God’s Will is Faith-full

God’s Will is always Faith-full (reflected in column #9 in the example-charts on pages 70-72).  Both societal and man-made judgments of morality are always in some significant way fear-based — and therefore always significantly inaccurate.  Spiritual men and women, on the other hand, measure their actions using the divine standard of a morality instead –a […]

The Good News is old news … (07/29/16)

9th Fruit — Clarifications …

First of all, real “Faith-fullness” is not to be confused with intellectual narrow-mindedness or religious zealotry.  Faith does not require our assimilation into any particular religious group or ideology (“Beware the yeast of the Pharisees and the Sadducees.” ~ Jesus in Matthew 16:6).  It also doesn’t require any adherence to any particular creed.  In fact, […]

Waking UP in Heaven … (07/28/16)

9th Fruit — Synopsis …

SYNOPSIS:  Truly Faith-full actions always encourage selflessness … They are interconnected, intuitive, and virtuous (a.k.a. “moral”).   DETERMINING FACTOR:  During decision-making, ask your Self — “Is this particular option a selfish one or a selfless (i.e. virtuous) One?  Is it inflexibly ‘certain’, or is it flowing & open-minded?”   ADDITIONAL SCRIPTURE:   “According to your […]

To make a better place … (07/27/16)

The news headlines are really getting to be be a bummer these days — downright depressing, actually … Drone strikes in the Middle East inspiring terrorist strikes closer to home, corrupt politicians buying elections in a now-defunct democracies, thousands of innocent animals needlessly tortured & murdered every day by otherwise Good People who callously look […]