ACPS #5: rediscovering Honesty (09/29/10)

Class #5 began by answering some questions related to Week 4 materials & concepts (on Compassion), including … … the male/female power dynamic, … letting the Universe do our Work, and … how to truly Respect others’ challenges. Thereafter, the rest of the evening looked into the deeper implications of Honesty — both in relation […]

In Blackwater Woods … (09/28/10)

In Blackwater Woods Look, the trees are turning their own bodies into pillars of light, are giving off the rich fragrance of cinnamon and fulfillment, the long tapers of cattails are bursting and floating away over the blue shoulders of the ponds, and every pond, no matter what its name is, is nameless now. Every […]

ACPS #4: rediscovering Compassion (09/22/10)

Class #4 began by answering some questions related to Week 3 materials & concepts (on Gratitude), including … … personal emPowerment, … the difference between being Grateful and being merely “happy”, and … the practical effects of Oneness (“piercing the veil of duality” — what some call enlightenment). Thereafter, the rest of the evening looked […]

on fear & worship (09/19/10) …

John Wesley, the founder of the Methodist Church, once commented on the dogmatic beliefs of one of his conservative contemporaries by stating, “That man’s God is my Devil.”  And while it is certainly not in harmony with the teachings of Jesus Christ to utter condemnatory remarks about those who oppose us (“Love your enemies”), it […]

rethinking priorities … (09/16/10)

The money required to provide adequate food, water, education, health & housing for everyone in the world at this time has been estimated to be $17 billion a year … about as much as the world spends on weapons every 2 weeks. Of course, if one thing has become clear over the past 200+ years, […]

ACPS #3: rediscovering Gratitude (09/15/10)

Class #3 began by answering some questions related to Week 2 materials & concepts (on Generosity), including … … how pure Generosity tends to eliminate fatigue, pain &/or sense of lack (using handout #4A), … how to locate your enemies, and … what it means to be truly Power-full. Thereafter, the rest of the evening […]

on cherishing as accepting as cherishing … (09/10/10)

“It’s huge to finally embrace the life you never planned on.” ~ Noah Baumbach Acceptance is not a “ho-hum, I guess this is all there is so I might as well accept it” mentality.  The Acceptance that will allow you to transcend ego and enter the realm of True Self is not only accepting that […]

What is true Repentance? … (09/09/10)

“Early in my spiritual work I saw it was absolutely necessary for me to get out of a sin and shame-based view of man … We have allowed those who hold that view to shape too much of our theology.” ~ Dalton Roberts There are several enlightening ways to look at the concept of repentance.  […]

ACPS #2: rediscovering Generosity (09/08/10)

Class #2 began by answering some questions related to Week 1 materials & concepts (the course introduction), including … … a review of the “3 Zones of Self” diagram (from handout 3), … where Peacefulness & Courage fit into “the 9 Noble Virtues”, and … which (if any) of the Virtues are “most important”. Thereafter, […]

a letter to evangelists … (09/03/10)

To all those preaching the limiting dogma of the Christian church: As a Man of God, it seems important for me to share some things about the Word of Jesus Christ — some things of which you are possibly unaware.  After all, Jesus made it very clear that we are not to place “stumbling blocks” […]

ACPS #1: the basics of emPowerment (09/01/10)

Class #1 began by providing some background information into the nature of the class (i.e. that its core principles stem from my personal “experiments with Truth” conducted  over a many-year period from 2003 to the present, and that it will be part theory and part hands-on praxis).  Thereafter, the majority of the evening delved deeply […]