Farewell Georgia! … (06/18/10)

This is not a “real” farewell to Georgia, as I intend to merely make two extended trips before returning, and yet those trips will cover a two month period, so some sort of farewell is in order. The last six+ months have been another great blessing.  Not only have I been able to tend the […]

the myth of manifestation … (06/10/10)

“Do you want to experience financial abundance, to live in joy, to know peace, to receive and give love, to fulfill a dream?  All of these things are part of our potential and they are all waiting for us to choose them.” . This quote from Jennifer Hoffman reflects a popular belief of many self-professed […]

How can I make sex Loving? … (06/06/10)

The question has been posed:  if it is at all possible, how can we bring unconditional Love into our sex-lives. Well, sex & celibacy & Love unconditional are a tricky mix, to be sure … If you are engaging in desire-based sex, you cannot be experiencing the act of caring Love.  And sex feels so […]