The receding Heart of the church … (10/31/16)

Paul, the Pharisee … (10/30/16)

Paul’s great confusions … (10/29/16)

P.S.  If any of you will ever undertake to humbly & deeply delve into the New Testament scriptures, it will become readily apparent that Paul not only had no idea who Jesus was or what Jesus’ ministry was all about, but also that Paul actually ended up (unwittingly, I presume) directly OPPOSING the vast majority […]

Jesus and “the Dragon” … (10/28/16)

Paul’s creation: the Gospel of Jesus … (10/27/16)

Listening to deeds … (10/26/16)

To save or to LOVE … (10/25/16)

The Way brings Peace … (10/24/16)

Lifting You Out … (10/24/16)

“Everything I have written has been written for the express purpose of lifting you out of the common delusion that you are nothing more than a mere man or woman — lifting you out into the greater reality of your real relationship to the Divine; lifting you into an awakened appreciation of your interconnectedness with […]

The summoning Shepherd … (10/23/16)

The false believers … (10/22/16)