Lifting You Out … (10/24/16)

“Everything I have written has been written for the express purpose of lifting you out of the common delusion that you are nothing more than a mere man or woman — lifting you out into the greater reality of your real relationship to the Divine; lifting you into an awakened appreciation of your interconnectedness with […]

Turning Life ON … (10/11/16)

Hillary supporters championing their blatant war-monger candidate out of fear over an impotent blowhard … The United States & Russia bombing the bajeesus out of innocents in Syria … Political corruption and full-on full-shilled sell-outs at every turn (Yes, I am talking about you Elizabeth Warren — and Al Franken — and Amal Clooney — […]

LOVE will prevail … (10/08/16)

Dark times are upon us, my Friends — of that there can no longer be any doubt. The forces of greed & wickedness are more formidable than ever, and it can often seem as though they will overwhelm us all; as though they will swallow the Light and never let us see a new dawn […]

Settling for Everything … (10/08/16)

“It’s so easy for us to settle — to settle for comfort; to settle for security; to settle for ease; to decry the courageous in favor of settling for the accepted or the familiar or the popular … And this caving to convenience is understandable. After all, we are driven by eons-old instincts to find […]