saving Christianity from Christians … Part One (04/30/13)

Yesterday, Jason Collins became the first active male player in the four major American professional sports to openly profess his homosexuality. And, while the response to this highly courageous act has been mostly supportive, Chris Broussard — an NBA analyst — expressed a very different opinion; a belief that is all too commonly found in […]

Maxim #246: jumping in Life’s puddles

Conventional wisdom tells us “Every path has its puddles”, and yet the Soul knows that it is within all of Life’s “puddles” that our true Joy resides …  

100 Answers … Question #39 (04/30/13)

100 ANSWERS for 99 QUESTIONS … Question #39: Do you feel like you’ve lived this day a hundred times before? an Answer: The days that feel as though we have lived them before are the days we have never lived at all. Routine & Normalcy & Boredom are expensive myths that rob life of its […]

Freeing the Prisoners … (04/29/13)

CELEBRATING our LIBERATION “Apathy is the glove into which evil slips its hand.” ~ Bodie Thoene 68 years ago today, the prisoners of Nazi Germany’s concentration camp in Dachau were liberated by U.S. forces. Though not the first camp to be emancipated, Dachau’s deliverance was possibly the most significant … It was the first such […]

Maxim #247: Fate’s departure

Conventional wisdom tells us “Fate arrives when men fail to act”, and yet the Soul knows that — even when happenstance throws us into pits dark & deep — Fate is shattered the minute we choose to climb up & out anyway …  

100 Answers … Question #40 (04/29/13)

100 ANSWERS for 99 QUESTIONS … Question #40: When was the last time you marched into the dark carrying only the faint glow of a vision in which you strongly believed? an Answer: This is an accurate description of every day of my waking life … and every day of yours; lighting a single candle […]

the Math of Meat … (04/28/13)

“The individual is capable of both great compassion and great indifference. He has it within his means to nourish the former and outgrow the latter.” ~ Norman Cousins The math of meat is pretty simple, really … For example, consider the following basic equation: *killing some animals to eat their flesh + loving other animals […]

Maxim #248: fortune’s misfortune

Conventional wisdom tells us that “Fortune and misfortune are next-door neighbors”, and yet the Soul knows that the two are actually one; that no matter how thick the evening’s storm or how radiant the morning’s dew, there is only the falling waters — bringing life with every drop …  

100 Answers … Question #41 (04/28/13)

100 ANSWERS for 99 QUESTIONS … Question #41: If you could become any animal you wanted for a month, which one would you choose? an Answer: a fully conscious Human Being; but why settle for only one month?

the Hypocrisy of “only human” … (04/27/13)

THE HYPOCRISY OF BEING “ONLY HUMAN” How fascinating it is … *that we kill wildlife by the millions in order to protect our domestic animals, *that we then kill those domesticated animals by the billions to eat them, *that we then die ourselves by the millions, because eating domesticated animals leads dozens of fatal health […]

Maxim #249: one finger out, three fingers back

Conventional wisdom tells us that “Guilty men see guilt even on the faces of Saints”, and yet the Soul knows that, whether judging Saints as sinners or sinners as Saints, the one doing the judging only truly sees his own self therein …