You are Power-full … (08/31/11)

“I once listed all the good things I did over the past year & then turned them into resolution form & backdated them. That was a good feeling.” ~ Robert Fulghum . “The whole course of human history may well depend on a change of heart in one solitary individual – for it is in […]

make Peace inevitable … (08/29/11)

“I think it not improbable that man, like the grub that prepares a chamber for the winged thing that it has never seen but is to be – … that man may have cosmic destinies that he cannot comprehend. And so, beyond the awareness of battling races and an impoverished Earth, I hold a dreaming […]

Giving Love requires giving up hope … (08/28/11)

“Life is not about problem resolution. [It requires] a more open-ended and courageous approach. It has to do with not knowing what will happen. It has nothing to do with wanting to get ground under your feet. It’s about keeping your heart and mind open to whatever arises, without hope or [expectation].” ~ Pema Chodron

real Love is unconditional … (08/26/11)

All analysis of another person is always self-reflective and almost always incorrect … Every being is perfectly Beauty-full when perfectly Loved. Every ‘flaw’ we see in another is only a reflection of the defects in our own affection. . “To unify your life, unify your desires. To spiritualize your life, spiritualize your desires. To spiritualize […]

God only Knows … (08/25/11)

sunny day in Chicago; sitting on the back porch with 5-year old Oliver sitting on my lap … Oliver looks up at me and asks, “Scaughdt, where does God live?” “No none knows for sure, but to me it feels like God is inside everything around us.” “How does God get inside of houses?” “I’m […]

a Meaning-full life serves others … (08/24/11)

“Those who live nobly, even if obscurely, need not fear that they will have lived in vain. Something radiates from their lives; some light that shows The Way to their neighbors, perhaps even to long future ages.” ~ Bertrand Russell . “The aim of the Quest must be neither release nor ecstasy for oneself, but […]

embrace whatever IS … (08/23/11)

“If it’s painful, you can learn to hold your seat and move closer to that pain. … Become willing not just to endure it, but also to let it awaken your heart and soften you. You learn to embrace it … [And] if we enjoy what we are experiencing, think of other people and wish […]

it is right to affirm Rights … (08/23/11)

“The Statue of Liberty does not say ‘Give us your poor and your tired, and we’ll fingerprint them, we’ll take their photograph, and we’ll deport them after we’ve gotten their work out of them.’” ~ Kucinich .. “From a religious point of view, if God had thought homosexuality is a sin, he would not have […]

great nations must Love … (08/23/11)

“Many thousands of you have survived the propaganda you have been subjected to, & are actively fighting your own government … If you join the battle you will see how beautiful it is to be gentle instead of brutal … Yours is by no means a great nation. But you could be a great people. […]

Love enhances Sight … (08/22/11)

“When someone Beautiful enters our life, it affects the way we See the world.” ~ Dalton Roberts

Love requires letting Be … (08/22/11)

“In my efforts to embody a more heartfelt way of being, I needed to distance myself from the battlefields I know best.” ~ Jeff Brown … which is best done not by running away from those battlegrounds, but rather by re-entering them consciously — and the refusing to fight! . “Nature does not hurry, yet […]