on Being truly Here&Now … (11/22/09)

“I know that I AM not really going anywhere, and just try to gratefully and gently ease on the waves of existence that lives this Wonder-full life through ‘me’ … All is truly well right now, isn’t it? … Moments arrive again when everything becomes so clear and simple; finding it’s place and purpose in […]

Farewell Chicago! … (11/18/09)

Great Gratitudes once again to the great city of Chicago and its lovely inhabitants for another Wonder-filled stay … This time around, I was blessed with the humbling re-discovery that sometimes the best way to serve others is by gently choosing to not “help” them!  I was originally called to the Windy City to help […]

I simply Love … (11/17/09)

“As a mystic artist, a philosopher, a designer, a writer, a woman, a nomad and of course a ‘nothingness’. I simply love all that is original, colorful, useful, inventive, honest, ecological, intelligent, well-thought &/or well-done that comes from Good Will.” ~ Naisah van Vliet

The Gathering of the Tribes … (11/15/09)

“Can you hear it? Whispering on the edges of your ears… Soft rumbling underneath your feet… It’s the gathering of the tribes. People coming from a distance, on a long, long journey to get here. Stepping up, gathering together, forming strong bonds, hand to hand. Eyes meeting, smiles of recognition. Sighs of sweet relief, as each […]

on getting old(er) … (11/13/09)

“I guess the most major event was the discovery of my first white hair last week. It’s strange the effect that a white hair can have on you.  I can handle the extra weight that seems impossible to lose, the need to sleep more after a party , the extra folds, the fact that all […]

How can I help make “political change”? … (11/11/09)

To all those who believe that our society’s troubles can be solved via the political process, I offer the following: Remember the wisdom of Einstein:  that there are no solutions to problems using the same thinking that created them in the first place.  Investing in politics is exactly such a dead-end. There are those who […]