Knowing true Contentment

Inner peace is commonly defined as "a mental condition marked by a freedom from disquieting thoughts."* Some equate it to living in harmony with their surroundings, while others feel that it reflects the times when they have no negative stress in their lives. Regardless of your personal definition thereof, inner peace is hardly a "norm" in these turbulent times. Nations are at war, members of different religions are condemning each other, companies are competing viciously for profits, we are surrounded by people who annoy and/or criticize us, and even our own minds are constantly tempting us to fulfill selfish desires and avoid self-centered worries.

And yet, it has been my personal experience that there is another way to Be; that even though discordance is "normal" in our everyday lives, it is anything but natural. And this is the ultimate purpose of (i)am: to provide you with tools you can use to realign your life with a more peace-full, natural State of Being -- a harmonious state of awareness that will allow you to re-member your true nature as a selflessly compassionate being.

And the term "re-member" is truly key to comprehending what is meant here, as it is not enough to intellectually "understand" (i)am material. The "Inner Peace" to which I refer does not come from logical thought, emotional prayer or intense visualization (though these are beneficial practices on the path towards Inner Peace). Rather, true Inner Peace comes only when you have the courage to actually apply these principles to everyday life with acts of selfless service, humble wonderment or radical kindness.

"There is no way to Peace... Peace is the Way." ~ Gandhi

*definition from Webster's 3rd New International Unabridged Dictionary (1986)