... and Reawakening to the Soul-Self

Though no one knows for certain what our afterlife holds in store, when (i)am uses the term "Death", it refers to a mental, emotional and spiritual transition from one state of being to another. And regardless of whether they are forced upon us by painful circumstances or are chosen, these "deaths" always occur while we are still physically alive.

Despite the apparent fact that most people tend to choose pain as their guide, (i)am is here to illuminate a different road to transcendence; a smoother path to Inner Peace; an easier way to "Die". This way encourages us to make choices in the interest of others' well-being -- often at the expense of our own desires and/or in the face of our own fears.

It is not a "process of growth," nor does it describe a certain level of happiness for us to someday attain. Rather, it is a moment-to-moment re-Awakening to our True Self within. Those choosing this alternative Death see life not as a journey towards more intense experiences of personal pleasure, but rather as an endless opportunity to be of assistance to those who are suffering. And ironically, when this selfless route is enlivened, we not only feel much less pain when our ego then Dies, but also experience a much higher level of Inner Peace ourselves during those acts of selfless service.