A Foundation for Deeper Intimacy

When this site mentions that "the primary purpose of (i)am is to foster a rebirth of Community", it is not referring to a group of people defined by any common region, race, class, culture, religion or desire(s). Rather, it speaks to the greater Community of Humanity -- and by "Humanity", it does not refer to us as mere thinking mammals, but rather to our potential to become conscientious caregivers for each other and conscious stewards of the Earth.

A community does require certain shared characteristics amongst its members, and this is no less true with regards to (i)am's Community of Humanity -- and yet here, they are based in the commonalities present in every human being - our common body, our common mind and our common essence (or Soul). On an electro-magnetic level, we share one energetic body. On an intellectual level, we share one collective consciousness. And on a spiritual level, we share one common conscience. Indeed, this is the most accurate expression of the root meanings of the word "community" -- with "communis" being the combination of the Latin prefix "com" – meaning "together", and "munis" – relating to an exchange of services for others.

Thus, Community in its highest expression is not a group of people joined by common traits or interests, but rather a group of beings bound together by their selflessly caring actions. And it is to this higher Community of Humanity that (i)am calls you - not to merely understand the Truths of selflessness, but to courageously enact them in your everyday lives.