LOVE is The Way … (05/31/16)

Honoring Harambe … (05/31/16)

“A gorilla was shot in Cincinatti zoo … Cecil the lion was killed in Africa … Dogs are being killed for their meat in China … Dolphins are slaughtered in Japan … All of these deaths are violent. All of them are cruel. All of them are unnecessary. And all of them are worthy of […]

Our heavenly Earth … (05/30/16)

Memorializing Memorial Day … (05/30/16)

Here’s to all the brave men & women in the U.S. armed forces who nobly sacrificed their lives for a most despicable lie … May they who have already passed on rest in peace, and may those that remain behind finally awaken to the Truth: the Truth that violence never brings Peace — that violence […]

Anyway any way … (05/29/16)

Redefining the Good News … (05/28/16)

The Golden Road … (05/27/16)

Rediscovering the Spirit of the Lord … (05/26/16)

To know real Peace … (05/26/16)

A person can only be truly at peace when he or she is truly alive … A person can only be truly alive when he or she is truly ethical … And a person can only be truly ethical when he or she courageously honors the call to help all lives in need of assistance, […]

Worrying about Courage … (05/26/16)

Courage is not the absence of fear, or even its replacement or dismissal … No, my Friends; real Courage is being terrified of Love, and yet going forth to Love anyway …

The New Covenant … (05/25/16)