Honoring Harambe … (05/31/16)

“A gorilla was shot in Cincinatti zoo … Cecil the lion was killed in Africa … Dogs are being killed for their meat in China … Dolphins are slaughtered in Japan … All of these deaths are violent. All of them are cruel. All of them are unnecessary. And all of them are worthy of […]

Memorializing Memorial Day … (05/30/16)

Here’s to all the brave men & women in the U.S. armed forces who nobly sacrificed their lives for a most despicable lie … May they who have already passed on rest in peace, and may those that remain behind finally awaken to the Truth: the Truth that violence never brings Peace — that violence […]

To know real Peace … (05/26/16)

A person can only be truly at peace when he or she is truly alive … A person can only be truly alive when he or she is truly ethical … And a person can only be truly ethical when he or she courageously honors the call to help all lives in need of assistance, […]

Worrying about Courage … (05/26/16)

Courage is not the absence of fear, or even its replacement or dismissal … No, my Friends; real Courage is being terrified of Love, and yet going forth to Love anyway …

Curing the Cure … (05/24/16)

I know this post might offend some of you, and if so I apologize in advance, and yet I’m tired of hearing about people close to me (and those more far away) battling cancer — because it’s a fight that is almost always completely unnecessary …  It’s really not rocket science — Except in times […]

Got Courage? (05/20/16)

A Way to Peace & Freedom … (05/19/16)

There are some very basic ways any oligarchy maintains power over its people — one of those is fear (xenophobic propaganda; virus scares; the “threat of terrorism” etc); another is a sense of helplessness (poverty + corrupted politics + control over its citizens’ food & water supply) … Since these are the ways the American […]

The darkest side of the Light … (05/16/2016)

“The darkest side of human nature is our „us versus them‟ instinct. It is a form of selective sociopathy in which we place our family and close friends in a hierarchy above others. It’s not the feelings that are „bad‟ — of course it’s great to love our families, but we also need to explode […]

When your right is Wrong … (05/13/16)

So it’s your right to eat animals and thereby support their abuse & their slaughter? … Your RIGHT? … Really? … Hmmmm … Now where have I heard that kind of language before? … Oh, yeah … Right … I remember now …   “There is literally no other form of abuse, apart from our […]

You too are Loved … (05/12/16)

on pigs and dogs … (05/12/16)

“Pigs are more tactile than dogs. They revel in touch. When Mishka smells or hears a human, his first response is to investigate. Ignoring breakfast time, Mishka’s greatest joy is found in the touch of another being. If you sit in his pasture and Mishka learns of your presence, he will saunter to your position […]