A thankless gratitude … (03/28/16)

The animal exploitation industries that supply you & your loved ones with your “meat” and your “milk” depend on you remaining ignorant of the incredible harm they are doing — not only to the animals they torture & kill, but also to your planet and to your own health and well-being as well … My […]

Matthew 24:12-14 … Walking HIS Way (03/27/16)

Especially around this time of the year, a lot of folks keep getting confused about that thing called “The Gospel” … Indeed, most of the Christians I know — in full harmony with the many teachings of the self-proclaimed “apostle” Paul — make Easter weekend a celebration about Jesus himself; about his life and his […]

Loving like Jesus … (03/27/16)

You know, even though I am not a Christian, I DO adore the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. And the reason why I adore them is NOT because they are somehow my personal ticket to an eternal life of eating grapes and strumming lyres with the angels after I die (I prefer mangos […]

To know they are True … (03/26/16)

“You asked me if I thought your beliefs were accurate & you wondered if I thought your visions were true. And I said that they were, if they make you become more humane — if they inspire you to be Respectful & Kind to every sentient being you encounter.” ~ Hafiz (Sufi poet)  

John 3:8 … Diving into Devotion (03/26/16)

Deep-seated & lasting PEACE comes to each & every one of us in all our moments of true Devotion — but not the mere “devotion” we might give to a relationship or a job or a cause or a belief or an ideal. Rather, real PEACE comes to us when we are Devoted to the […]

John 18:37-40 … Still asking for Barabbas (03/25/16)

“And Pontius Pilate asked Jesus, ‘So are you a king?’ And Jesus answered, “You say that I am a king, but not I. For I was born to testify to the Truth, and to testify to the Truth I came into the world. Everyone who follows the Truth listens to my voice.” And Pilate asked […]

A Call to PEACE … (03/23/16)

Let me be clear from the beginning — TERRORISM SUCKS, and I denounce every act thereof wholeheartedly … That having been said, it is just as important to state that most of the more common responses to terrorism actually make the suffering it causes worse and actually make future attacks far more likely. As such, […]

To gaze Within … (03/20/16)

“I just want to hug the Souls of every soldier and beam them Love — acknowledging their road; recognizing their loss … And I just want to stare into the eyes of every politician who sends those soldiers to their premature deaths and beam them the same … And I just want to beam Strength […]

God of wrath; God of Love — Cover

God of Wrath; God of LOVE … … a Biblical proof of the perfect Grace of God A scripturally-sound defense of The Divine; showing why the texts of the Bible provide copious evidence for a God whose Love is perfect & without condition – a God who refuses to test us with either trial or […]

God of wrath; God of LOVE — Introduction

“I want to invite you to consider the possibility that maybe the televangelists and the street preachers and the evangelical converts are wrong … I want to invite you to consider the possibility that maybe God really is Love unconditional. I want to you to open your heart & mind to the chance – however […]

Just be Kind … (03/17/16)

“Despite what you might think, being mean — or angry — or aggressive — will never, ever accomplish what you desire or hope for. You may feel better about yourself for acting that way, and yet in reality, making those choices has the exact OPPOSITE effect on others. What it actually does is bring more […]