Belief is a courageous verb … (03/31/16)

Refusing to want … (03/30/16)

Faith is leaping anyway … (03/29/16)

Laughing without fear … (03/28/16)

A thankless gratitude … (03/28/16)

The animal exploitation industries that supply you & your loved ones with your “meat” and your “milk” depend on you remaining ignorant of the incredible harm they are doing — not only to the animals they torture & kill, but also to your planet and to your own health and well-being as well … My […]

Drinking UP … (03/27/16)

Matthew 24:12-14 … Walking HIS Way (03/27/16)

Especially around this time of the year, a lot of folks keep getting confused about that thing called “The Gospel” … Indeed, most of the Christians I know — in full harmony with the many teachings of the self-proclaimed “apostle” Paul — make Easter weekend a celebration about Jesus himself; about his life and his […]

Loving like Jesus … (03/27/16)

You know, even though I am not a Christian, I DO adore the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels. And the reason why I adore them is NOT because they are somehow my personal ticket to an eternal life of eating grapes and strumming lyres with the angels after I die (I prefer mangos […]

Being known as Light … (03/26/16)

To know they are True … (03/26/16)

“You asked me if I thought your beliefs were accurate & you wondered if I thought your visions were true. And I said that they were, if they make you become more humane — if they inspire you to be Respectful & Kind to every sentient being you encounter.” ~ Hafiz (Sufi poet)  

John 3:8 … Diving into Devotion (03/26/16)

Deep-seated & lasting PEACE comes to each & every one of us in all our moments of true Devotion — but not the mere “devotion” we might give to a relationship or a job or a cause or a belief or an ideal. Rather, real PEACE comes to us when we are Devoted to the […]