Truths inconsolable … (02/26/16)

TRUTH … Animals suffer immensely as a direct result of you buying their flesh (“meat”) and/or secretions (“milk”). TRUTH … Humans do NOT need to consume ANY animal products to live a long (actually longer) and healthy (actually, healthier) life. TRUTH … It is a patent & immutable principle that causing others to suffer purely […]

What LOVE is … (02/14/16)

LOVE is not what we feel when we are “in love”, and LOVE is not the adoration we receive from those who “love” us … No, my Friends, the only thing LOVE truly is, is what we DO for others in their time of need. And as such, the only way we will ever come […]

A Critical Question … (02/13/16)

Hello again, my dear Friends! … I just wanted to say that I know some of you get angry with me for sharing information about our society’s still rampant abuse of animals, and that I know even more of you find such posts to be annoying — that you therefore ignore them and simply scroll […]

Intelligent Idiots … (02/12/16)

“Humans are very clever animals, who more often than not behave like complete imbeciles.” ~ inspired by Albert Schweitzer   So …….. Got cancer? So ……. Got osteoporosis? So ……. Got cruelty?* *(confinement in filth, mutilation without anesthesia, repeated rape, repeated child abduction & a brutally bloody murder for a “retirement package”) ……………………………..

Life as a loose garment … (02/11/16)

“Today we need not think about whether our wishes will come true or our fears will fade. Today we can simply set ourselves aside, take gentle action for others, and let go of the results. In this way, we come to wear Life like a loose garment … In this way, we come to know […]

The only Revolution … (02/08/16)

My dear Friends, unless we have the collective humility to recognize the simple truth that other sentient beings are not commodities to be used & abused for our personal pleasure, and unless we also have the courage to set this freshly rediscovered morality in motion, we are truly doomed — both individually, and as a […]

Not meant to be wasted … (02/06/16)

And to balance out many of my previous sharings, which were often centered upon the lies & deceit inherent in American politics, I offer today their exact opposite — namely, this post, centered upon the perfect Truth inherent in caring for the downtrodden and/or defending those who are being persecuted; and this, regardless of the […]

Whatever you can; Wherever you are … (02/05/16)

“We are all guaranteed only one day — today — to make our lives count for something. As such, we are all Called — each & every moment of each & every day, NOT to “save the world” or “become great” or “be a hero”, but rather to simply DO SOMETHING — whatever we already […]