the Real Reason … (12/31/14)

On a number of occasions over the course of the last year & a half, more than a few folks have asked me why in the world I’ve gone vegan, and I freely admit that I have offered a number of different answers over that same period of time … Yes, there are amazing health […]

Heeding the Words … (12/29/14)

Wise Dog is correct … Please heed the words of Wise Dog. “There are those who do not hold that there is any innate Goodness to humankind. To them I say, had you lived my life, you would know differently. Yes, I have witnessed the depths to which we mortals are capable of descending, and […]

One BIG Family … (12/28/14)

We are literally all members on one large Family, my Friends … and it is high time we each started acting like it. It is high time we started Caring for the poor in our neighborhoods … It is high time we started reaching out to the homeless in our midst … It is high […]

Our Stars … (12/27/14)

“I used to think that if the stars were mine I would keep them exactly where they are, but save one of them in my pocket to lighten the way for others whenever life became shrouded in shadow … Then I grew in wisdom and realized that the stars are already mine; that we are […]

Unstealing Christmas … (12/26/14)

Yes, its’ true that the Grinch did indeed steal Christmas … And yet remember: he also “woke up” thereafter and brought everything back. Similarly, even though you yourself might have “stolen Compassion” by supporting animal cruelty during your Christmas dinner yesterday, today you can choose anew; today you can choose to “wake up” as well; […]

A new Tradition … (12/25/14)

Here’s an idea: How about starting a new family tradition this year? How about this morning, after you finish opening up your presents given to you from your current family members, how about you then heading out into your community and making that Family a little bit bigger? Peace & Joy to you all, my […]

The Last Laugh … (12/07/14)

My Friends, be not afraid to raise your voice for Freedom over enslavement, to raise your voice for Kindness over violence; to raise your voice for Compassion over cruelty. Yes, you may only be one voice, and yet even that one voice can be heard even across the greatest canyon of cowardice. Yes, you may […]