Coming to an End … (09/22/14)

I think if I were to revamp the world, I would start by having everyone set aside four minutes of their lives to watch this video … and then I would in-Courage them to go forth and do something — ANYTHING — to help make it come alive. Amen … Let it be so. ……………………… […]

Every deed enough … (09/21/14)

“I alone cannot change the world, but I CAN cast a stone across the waters, and thereby create many ripples.” ~ inspired by Mother Teresa We need not do anything “amazing” or “magnificent”.  For it is the small acts of Great Kindness that are allWays more than enough — each act we engage; every day […]

Saving the Earth … (09/21/14)

“If you do not change direction, you will end up where you are heading.” ~ Buddha Today, as a species, we are headed for destruction. And I don’t mean the violations of human rights and the blasphemies of war & poverty that still plague us … I mean complete and utter ecological collapse. I mean […]

To Seize the Day … (09/20/14)

“Life is what happens while you are making other plans.” ~ John Lennon Carpe Diem! … Seize the Day! … YOLO! … So many of us hear these words and think they are an encouragement to go have as much fun as possible; to accumulate as much wealth as possible; to experience as much pleasure […]

Rebirthing the chicken … (09/19/14)

I have had quite a few of my friends tell me that it’s OK for them to eat chickens because chickens are too stupid to comprehend their own lives and therefore do not suffer when they are murdered … As it turns out, the latest science is now clearly showing what anyone who has spent […]

To find real LOVE … (09/19/14)

Real, selfless LOVE is the Courage of Friendship + Intimacy. It always takes its time in the Now … … and its Path is always straight to Here.

What can you Eat? … (09/18/14)

A buddy of mine asked me last night “What do you eat if you don’t eat meat?!!?” … This question has been heard before, and it has always fascinated me — as the people asking it are invariably intelligent folks whose neocortices have obviously been shut down when it comes to food — probably by […]

The unnecessity of Evil … (09/17/14)

Here’s a relatively easy quiz question for you: What remains after the “necessity” in every “necessary evil” is exposed as a lie? What is left over after the “necessary” falls away from every “necessary evil”? As you have certainly already figured out, “necessary evil” minus “necessary” … equals “evil”. My friends, the pain and suffering […]

a true No-Brainer … (09/16/14)

Most understand the phrase “No brainer” to refer to any statement or concept that is patently obvious and flagrantly True — one that is so clear that it needs no pondering or discussion for even the least intelligent person to comprehend its innate veracity. What is not so well known is that “No brainer” also […]

on Doing Something … (09/15/14)

“Weather forecast for tonight: Dark; continued dark overnight; with widely scattered light by morning.” ~ George Carlin Screw all the forecasts & all the prognostications & all the predictions … Screw all the prognoses & all the polls & all the indicators & all the prophecies … The only thing that’s for sure in your […]

Compassion for the killers … (09/12/14)

If we are going to change this world for the better — if we are going to walk away from the precipice of human extinction over which our own species is currently teetering, we simply must learn to exude Compassion for all murderers … Killers are not evil people. Rather, killers are merely lost, sick […]