smoking out Smoking … (08/31/14)

Smoking sucks — LITERALLY … It sucks the courage from our moments, it sucks the money from our wallets, it sucks the health from our bodies, — and it sucks the life from our loved ones … And this last is what makes smoking so much “worse” than almost all other addictions combined … for […]

Dealing with Joy & Addiction … (08/30/14)

Addictions can be more than rough … Just when we think we have them licked, or are “on our way to recovery” or are even “getting a bit better”, they always seem to rear their distorted heads and womp us back into the dark & smoldering world of sin (which simply means “to miss the […]

fleeing fast food … (08/30/14)

An easy & fast step towards self-LOVE is an easy & full step away from fast food. “Must we timidly give in to the belief that every person is destined to relive his or her current torments; self-destructive evils which become all the more profound as they they grow more comical with each hollow repetition? […]

Speaking UP, the TRUTH … (08/29/14)

A relatively short while ago, a dear Friend of mine expressed shock (and was even a bit upset) when I informed her that very few people have been showing interest in the truths I have been offering — not only here on Facebook, but also via my Blog and in person as well. This is […]

Rise & SHINE! … (08/29/14)

Rise and shine, people … It’s 6:30am and the sun is not even up yet and your hand can’t make it to the alarm clock fast enough before the voices in your head start telling you quite clearly that it’s “too early” and “too dark” and “too cold” for you to get out of your […]

The Beauty-full Way … (08/29/14)

“Vegan is a beautiful word, partly because it is so much more than just a descriptor for our diet. It is also a visible template for a life that is ethical, healthy, responsible and rational … It not only describes our lifestyle; it describes our fundamental character. It says we do not willfully take the […]

Seeking the Highest … (08/28/14)

“What you know as the highest, simply seek that. It doesn’t matter whether it is going to happen soon or not going to happen soon; simply living the vision itself is very elevating, is itself very liberating, is itself a joyous process, and is itself very effective at bringing about the change you wish to […]

Misaleading Myth #26 … “But we created domesticated animals in the first place” (08/28/14)

Seriously?!? You actually mean that all the cows, pigs and chickens that we developed over the past several centuries are now our personal property — are now ours to use and abuse as we see fit? You actually mean that purposefully breeding an animal makes it a slave to its breeder as soon as it […]

Buddha & the Killer … (08/27/14)

There once was a man named Angulimal who wore a garland of human fingers around his neck. Early in his life he had taken a vow that he would kill one thousand people, and as he steadily fulfilled that promise, he would take one finger from each of his victims and add it to his […]

Misleading Myth #25 … “But you would eat meat if you were on a deserted island” (08/27/14)

This is truly one of my favorites; so much so that even though it employs a patently ridiculous hypothetical, I will respond as though it isn’t ridiculous at all — I will respond as though any one of us actually could one day become stranded on a deserted island, with no hope of rescue and […]

only Human(e) … (08/26/14)

As much as I unconditionally LOVE dogs, “but I’m just a dog” is not an excuse … It wasn’t an excuse when my dog Billy would get pissed at me and strew garbage all over the house because I went to my Evidence class and didn’t take him with me, and it wasn’t an excuse […]