Myth #26: “But I’m allergic to vegetables.”

As ridiculous as it may sound, there actually is a rather rare disorder called Oral Allergy Syndrome that causes its sufferers to feel an intense burning &/or itching sensation whenever certain fruits & vegetables are eaten. This disorder, also called Fruit Pollen Syndrome, is not dangerous like many of its food-allergy cousins, and yet does […]

Myth #27: “But vegan food is boring.”

(also heard as “But vegan food tastes like crap.”) First of all, if you are placing your own fleeting pleasures of palate over the immense pain & suffering — indeed, the complete loss of life — that such food choices demand, then maybe it is time for you to look in the mirror and ask […]

Myth #28: “But going vegan is so difficult.”

(also heard as “But going vegan is just so inconvenient.”) Once you get used to it (which normally only takes a week or two), going vegan is actually quite easy. And this is especially true in the west, where vegan alternatives are becoming more & more prevalent every day. Besides, when it gets right down […]

Myth #29: “But going vegan is so expensive.”

Yes, quite a few of your politicians have been bought out by the meat & milk industry, making vegan alternatives far more expensive than they could be and animal products far cheaper to buy than they are to produce. And yet despite this flagrant criminality (our government officials have been placed in office to serve […]

Myth #30: “But eating meat allowed our brains to evolve.”

While the sociological & anthropological communities are not in agreement on this theory (many social scientists believe that it was actually the complex multi-tasking and high-level community interaction mandated by plant-based food gathering that led to the development of our neocortex*), it is important to remember that we are talking about EVOLUTION here. Namely, that […]

Myth #31: “But the Eskimos need to eat meat to survive.”

(also heard as “But what about the poor people in the 3rd World?”) Actually, you might want to reconsider this myth in light of the following: * FACT – Members of the Maasai tribe in Kenya, one of the few cultures that sustains itself on a diet that is primarily animal-based, currently have the worst […]

Myth #32: “But I need to hunt to feed my family.”

Even though it seems like hunting animals is justified as a free source of food, in reality nothing could be further from the truth.   While hunting may on its face seem like an inexpensive way to provide sustenance, its massive “hidden costs” (clothing, transportation maintenance, fuel, equipment, guns, ammunition, licenses, etc.) actually make it an […]

Myth #33: “But what if you were stranded on a deserted island?”

This is truly one of my favorite myths; so much so that even though it employs a patently ridiculous hypothetical, I will respond as though it isn’t ridiculous at all — I will respond as though any one of us actually could one day become stranded on a deserted island, with no hope of rescue […]

Myth #34: “But you vegans aren’t perfect.”

(also heard as “But you kill bugs when you drive”, or “But you use medicine that was tested on animals”, or “But you have a leather sofa”, or “But you occasionally step on ants”, etc etc etc etc etc) My dear Friends, veganism is not about being perfect; it is about striving to consciously live […]

Myth #35: “But vegans kill animals while harvesting.”

The critical difference is this — there is absolutely nothing in the harvesting of edible plants that requires the sacrifice of any sentient animals. Yes, it is true that some animals are inadvertently killed during planting and harvest, and while this is indeed regrettable, it is in no way a direct consequence of veganism. Indeed, […]

Myth #36: “But vegan crops cause deforestation.”

Actually, quite the opposite is true … The driving force behind global deforestation is animal agriculture. We humans are cutting down approximately one acre of Amazonian rainforest per second every day right now (and over 260 million acres have been razed in the United States as well), and the reason behind this massive destruction of […]