the Clarity in cliché … (01/31/13)

Clichés are quite cliché , I know … … and yet they are cliché for a reason.

Happines is … (01/31/13)

Happiness isn’t an absence of sadness — true Happiness is feeling sad, and yet reaching out to others … Happiness is being in the middle of the storm, … and yet choosing to dance anyway.

Maxim #335: making a Right

Conventional wisdom tells us that “Two wrongs don’t make a right”, and yet the Soul knows a deeper Truth — that we cannot be Doing what is Right while we are judging others to be “wrong” …

Maxim #336: Rome & the Romans

Conventional wisdom tells us “When in Rome, do as the Romans”, and yet the Soul knows that it is far more important that humans, while on Earth, live as Earthlings …  

Maxim #337: the squeaky wheels

Conventional wisdom tells us that “The squeaky wheel always gets the grease”, and yet the Soul knows that oftentimes squeaky wheels don’t need to be oiled at all; that they often simply need to turn faster …

Maxim #338: Free lunches

Conventional wisdom tells us that “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”, and yet the Soul knows that foods requiring the taking of sentient life are always the most expensive on any menu; and that the man who partakes of such meals remains forever hungry …  

Back to the Now … (01/27/13)

When lost in the gloomy worlds of “back when” or “someday”, remember that it only takes one step & half a second to return to the Present Moment … and that it is totally worth it to make that short journey — back to where you already are. After all, HERE is always where the […]

Maxim #339: Who You ARE

Conventional wisdom tells us “Be the type of person you want to meet and know”, and yet the Soul knows that as long as we are yearning to be with certain kinds of others, we cannot hope to ever truly BE ourSelves; that to become who we truly are, we must gently dismiss both the […]

Looking after the powerful … (01/26/13)

“I ended up working to get better living conditions for undocumented migrants. If I would share some of what I learned from those people, I would share the choices they made during their most trying times — how they chose to never give up; how they chose to continue to care. I would share about […]

Maxim #340: the magnitude of a Man

Conventional wisdom tells us that “You can tell the magnitude of a man by the magnitude of that which upsets him”, and yet the Soul knows that a truly Great Man is too busy caring for those in pain to dwell on the causes thereof …  

attaining true Freedom … (01/25/13)

“Spiritual freedom is not something you can earn or develop or attain … Spiritual freedom — and the sheer, unbridled Joy that always accompanies it — is innate; an inherent part of who we truly are; from our first instant of awareness unless our last conscious breath. This freedom is not affected by any condition […]