Day 032 … January 1st (embrace all strangers)

“For the truly Enlightened, there are no strangers.” ~ anonymous

Day 033 … January 2nd (to Love, listen …)

“Brave men tell the Truth. Wise men speak in analogy and puzzles. A woman holds her tongue; knowing silence will speak for her.” ~ Royksopp Love is the only Truth worth telling.

Day 034 … January 3rd (everything blesses)

“Life is not what happens to you; It is what you Do with what happens to you.” ~ Aldous Huxley Nothing happens to you … Everything happens for You!

Day 035 … January 4th (go the Long Way)

“Do not let your Hearts be troubled and do not let them be afraid … Peace I leave with you; my Peace I give to you.” ~ Jesus (John 14:27) … “When you See the utter perfection in everything – especially those things with which you disagree, you then attain Mastery.” ~ God … “Sometimes […]

Day 036 … January 5th (Oneness is always right here)

I have been given Life that I may enJoy It fully. I choose my Calling as the manifestation of that Joy. I AM a Power-full Being; a Power-full force for Good. My conscience is a hub of Divine engenderment. The best there IS, is mine to share. I Am Light, and connected with all Light. […]

Day 037 … January 6th (Love is true Wealth)

“Luck and misfortune come not of themselves — only when summoned.” ~ Chinese Proverb Hint:  to Love another is to summon the best of fortunes.

Day 038 … January 7th (Love is everything)

“To imagine is everything. To know is nothing.” ~ Anatole France Of course, imagination is everything only when Everything is imagined, and Everything is only clearly imagined when everything is deeply embraced.

Day 039 … January 8th (slow down to speed UP)

“You asked me what I came into this world to do, & I will tell you: I came to Live out loud.” ~ Emille Zola “Living out loud” requires moving with gentle silence.

Day 040 … January 9th (The Shift always starts with You)

“From the pain comes the Dream … From the Dream comes the Vision … From the Vision come the people … From the people comes the Power … and from this Power comes the change.” ~ Peter Gabriel Love is the change we all truly wish to See.

Day 041 … January 10th (Acceptance is Right Judgment)

“The most important thing is to find out the most important thing.” ~ Shunryu Suzuki … “Know how to interpret the present time … Judge for yourselves what is Right.” ~ Jesus (Luke 12:56-57) To judge correctly, refuse to judge.

Day 042 … January 11th (Faith is certainly Power)

“Today’s doubts are tomorrow’s Faith.” ~ anonymous … “Question with boldness even the existence of God, because if there is One, [He] must more approve the homage of reasonable doubt than that of blind-folded fear.” ~ Thomas Jefferson … The Child of God is the one who has experienced the perfect reasonableness of leaping Faith-fully […]