Addiction #29 – Envy (04/30/12)

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #29 – the challenge of ENVY “When you look at someone and long for something that is not yours or that you cannot have, you simply know deep inside that something is amiss. It’s an absence of self; a profound loss of heartbeat.” ~ inspired by Nadege Richards “Envy is […]

Addiction #29 – Envy (Part 2 .. a Way to Freedom) 04/30/12

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #29 – ENVY (Part 2 … a Way to Freedom) “Love, and all doors will open up to you. So stop asking yourself why you are unhappy, why you suffer so many setbacks … The reason is simply that you have no Love. If you had Love, nothing would resist […]

Day 246 … August 2nd (yielding to Love)

“We had the choice along the Way of stopping to bring everybody else along, or of going on. But our experiences quickly became indescribable … To him who has had [such an] experience, no explanation was necessary — and to him who has not, none was possible.” ~ Ram Dass “Love conquers all things; let […]

how to tell your real Fortune … (04/30/12)

One year ago today, while I was waiting for the start of a Chi Gong conference to which I had been invited, some friends and I decided to check out our horoscopes. One after another we listened to bland, overly-general advice that pretty much applied to every human being in the room, if not every […]

Addiction #30 – Regret (04/29/12)

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #30 – the challenge of REGRET “He tried to name which of the deadly seven might apply, and when he failed, he decided to append an eighth … regret.” ~ Charles Frazier “When someone you love says goodbye, you can stare so long and hard at the door they closed […]

Addiction #30 – Regret (Part 2 … a Way to Freedom) 04/29/12

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #30 – REGRET (Part 2 … a Way to Freedom) “To know inner peace means to let go of all self-criticism.” ~ inspired by Sanaya Roman “Calamity is born in shame and anticipation; therefore a person is wise who focuses on the present moment alone — regardless of her regrets […]

Day 247 … August 3rd (Care like children Care)

“The pursuit of [Love] & Beauty are the spheres of activity in which we are encouraged to remain Children all our lives.” ~ Albert Einstein “It all begins when you start to Care.” ~ Gordon Ooghe

cherishing the Time we have left … (04/29/12)

“On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero.” ~ Chuck Palahniuk “An awareness of death encourages us to live …” ~ Paulo Coelho When Alexander the Great was coming to India, he met Diogenes. It was a winter morning, a cool breeze was blowing, and Diogenes was lying on […]

Addiction #31 – Sadness (04/28/12)

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #31 – the challenge of SADNESS “I am intrigued by the smile upon your face, and the sadness within your eyes” ~ Jeremy Aldana “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” ~ Henry […]

Addiction #31 – Sadness (Part 2 … a Way to Freedom) 04/28/12

LICKING THE RAZOR’S EDGE Addiction #31 – SADNESS (Part 2 … a Way to Freedom) “There is no beauty in sadness, and no honor in suffering. They are both simply a waste of perfectly good happiness.” ~ inspired by Katerina Klemer “Back in Jefferson’s day, the common usage of the word ‘pursue’ was not ‘to […]

Day 248 … August 4th (opening the mind)

“Let us go & See for ourselves.” ~ Jacques Cousteau We cannot See without opening our eyes, … we cannot open our eyes without opening our minds, … we cannot open our minds without opening our Hearts, … and we cannot open our Hearts without opening our arms.