on “sharing our suffering” … (02/06/10)

Richard Brady wrote me the following the other day: “In my recent reflections I’ve shared something of my suffering with you.  I’m grateful for the replies of concern I’ve received.  One in particular, from a friend in Holland, had a profound effect on me.  She had lived with tension in her body since childhood and […]

How can I protect my Right to Privacy? … (02/04/10)

I recently received a disturbing email (paraphrased below) that warned us all about the government infiltrating our private lives based upon the searches we make on Internet search-engines.  And yet what bothered me about the mail was not our government’s intervention into our private lives, but rather our growing obsession with fear; our growing desire […]

on deflecting lust … (02/03/10)

Lust was a major challenge for me at one time.  As  opposed to simply sharing our moments in Truth & Peace, a few women (and even a few men) desiring to “have me for themselves” in a more traditional partnership; desiring essentially to be loved by me, as opposed to experiencing Love by caring for […]

How do you survive without money? … (02/01/10)

As far as money and “survival” are concerned, I have chosen to work out this challenge by never accepting any money for myself — ever.  I simply go about offering to DO Good for others, and then refuse any payment for my services.  People are so shocked by this (and so innately Good-Hearted) that I […]