Are you afraid of anything? … (01/25/10)

I was recently asked about the fears I might be experiencing, living as a Peace Pilgrim … Basically, there are the fears that others think I “must be having” and there are the fears I actually have.  It is important to understand that the former, while inaccurate for me, are self-reflectively accurate for those doing […]

a Glimpse of God … (01/10/10)

“To catch a glimpse of God, watch a bird in flight … To catch a glimpse of God, watch a toddler at play … To catch a glimpse of God, stand very close to a mirror and gaze into your own eye.” — anonymous God is Light … God is LOVE … God is within […]

on effectuating Change … (01/08/10)

“What we need in the world today is not more ideas, not more blue prints, not bigger and better leaders, but goodwill, affection, Love and kindness. Love is the only solution …The individual is what the world is, and without transformation of the individual there can be no transformation in the world.” ~ Murdo MacDonald-Bayne […]

on Good Parenting … (01/07/10)

There seems to be lots of talk these days about “America’s youth” — how young people in this country seem to be steeped in superficial pleasures and seem to show an acute lack of respect for others. Well, first of all, I have experienced a very different picture of America’s youth.  I have seen young […]

What are our political solutions? … (01/05/10)

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius — and a lot of courage — to move in the opposite direction.” ~ Albert Einstein There is much Truth in this statement, and it’s relation to modern-day politics is a clear one.  And yet, even though […]

What is Justice? … (01/04/10)

The theme of the moment deals with “wrongful conviction” — what can we do when we are wrongfully accused (or even wrongfully punished) for actions we did not commit. First of all, re-member that there are no “wrong” choices, only intentions underlying choices that are either self-centered (ultimately bringing us dis-ease) or selfless (ultimately bringing […]

How can I meet God? … (01/02/10)

“We do not have to prepare to meet God, for we meet God many times every day — in the babbling of brooks, in the laughter of children, in the songs of birds, in the fellowship of family & friends, in the calm stillness of our own Souls, in the Kindness shown to us by […]

on true “Healing” … (01/01/10)

“In Western medicine the paradigm is to identify the specific problem and treat it with drugs or surgery. In the East, there is the understanding that, given sufficient information and support, the body is capable of returning to balance … Rest allows the body to integrate all this and do its natural healing.” ~ Richard […]