Ode to Love … (03/21/09)

Kahlil Gibran has said that to know real Love, you must let it completely shatter you, and I will admit that there is a measure of Truth in those words … That having been said, there is another facet of the Quest for Love that is just as important to remember, a facet is that […]

on the Peace of Purpose … (03/14/09)

“What is to give great light must joyfully endure burning.” ~ inspired by Victor Frankl

on discovering our Purpose … (03/04/09)

There is a great book called “The Three Questions” by Jon J. Muth. It’s technically a “children’s book”, and yet could just as easily occupy a space on every adult’s nightstand.  In short, Muth (who is essentially putting Tolstoy’s work of the same name into parable form for kids) notes that the “Right thing to […]

How to find real Love …(03/02/09)

As much as we’d like to believe to the contrary, Life is about change and what we choose to do with change. And as much as we’d like to experience it differently, Love is about Giving and so rarely about receiving — and we are bombarded by these two Truths until we either Accept and […]