on suffering … (02/17/09)

The suffering we experience in life comes not from our pain but rather from our struggles to “get better” (or “attain success” or “arrive at our goal”).  The answer to that suffering, then, lies not in finding better ways to “get healthy” or “be happy”, but rather in accepting that where We allReady are is […]

on Clarity … (02/11/09)

“Clarity is freedom from obscurity. It is Light … It is Truth … Not “universal truth”, but your own authentic truth — the truth that reveals itself to you when you willingly question and then dispel any shadow that has been shrouding any part of your life — causing you hardships, setbacks and weakness. Each […]

How can we heal dysfunctional relations? … (02/09/09)

Choice 1] Feel your hurt from its place of origin (which is most often not the immediate source of the same) … . Choice 2] Accept the other as she/he IS; giving them the freedom to be as “bad” or as “mean” or as “petty” as they wish … . Choice 3] Forgive the other for […]

jump for Love … (02/08/09)

“Take the blindfold off and jump into Love … When you do so, you cannot ever hit bottom.” ~ Bruce Robie

How to LOVE … (02/07/09)

Some poignant advice on how best to Love during this lifetime: . *Avoid striving to love a particular “whom” — just LOVE … The more we primarily focus on caring for those in our “friends and family”, the more readily we slip into apathy &/or indifference when coming into contact with the other 99.9% of […]

finding real Beauty … (02/05/09)

“Beauty resides in all things.” ~ Travis Faultersack

Is pacifism a weakness? … (02/01/09)

True pacifism is anything but passive.  As with any other Right Action, it’s not what you do, but how you do it that matters … People have been aggressively protesting for thousands of years and effectuated no lasting change.  Have militant feminists really softened the stance of even one hard-line misogynist?  Empirically not.  Yes, laws […]