Our Angels … (08/13/08)

Angels “dwell in the point where roads fork. Whoever retraces the way of divided things encounters them, whoever descends to the bottom of contradictions runs into them, whoever mingles again what was separated feels their wings brush his cheek.” ~ Italo Calvino

on powerful prayer … (08/08/08)

Praying powerfully is really a simple affair — as long as you are willing to shift your motivations from self-centered to selfless ones … Initially, every potent prayer commences with an professing of sincere Gratitude for life — regardless of what happens as a result of the prayer. Secondly, it is important that you remain […]

Wishes from the Soul, for the Soul … (08/06/08)

“May you sip contentedly on the fragrant wine of your life. May you stretch eagerly into the opening light of each new day. May you re-discover kernels of wisdom hidden in all unwanted experiences. May you find the consolation of gratitude when you are hurting, May you hear the tender voice of the Beloved calling […]

Let truth go to let Truth in … (08/03/08)

“All things are manifestations of your belief system. If you let go of your fixed realities, your limitations, your fears and your doubts, magic can then enter your life.” ~ Rolling Thunder

Choose to Live … (08/01/08)

“Walk in the direction of Life.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh